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Since 2008, House Hunting Ecuador and Cuenca Realtors have been your destination for enriching vacations and unique experiences abroad. Founded by travel and real estate expert Xavier Amoroso whose vision was to design and lead culturally rich and authentic tours around Ecuador. Today, the company caters to real estate investors and curious travelers who want to explore the world beyond the ordinary. 

Since its inception, House Hunting Ecuador  has been at the forefront of unique travel opportunities – a recognized trend setter who has developed an avid following of adventurous travelers eager to experience the authentic world first hand.

Professional and responsible travel services sets us apart

Sustainable travel is the backbone of House Hunting Ecuador’s vocation. Xavier Amoroso has brought her passion and service oriented track record to grow House Hunting Ecuador  into the Ecuador’s more foremost real estate travel business, unique within the tourism industry.

Through a spirit of innovation, deep destination knowledge and exceptional partnerships around the world, HHEC has become a Ecuador leader in responsible tourism, helping lifestyle seekers and real estate investors be immersed in the fine art of travel. On the other hand helping local communities to improve way of life.

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