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Cost of living in Cuenca

On average the cost of living in Cuenca is 1/3 of the cost of living in Miami FL. The average expenses in a family of 4 is $1423 per month and $324 per a single person approx. In both cases rent and home expenses are not included. Here is a list of expenses and prices so you can have a reference:
  •         A full meal in an unexpensive place in downtown $3.5
  •         A full meal for 2 in a middle up quality restaurant with service to the table $25
  •         A meal in McDonalds $6
  •         0,5L local beer in a bar $2,5
  •         A cup of coffee $2
  •         A coke in a bar $1,75
  •         1L of milk $1.06
  •         500 gr bread $1,7
  •         1kl rice $1.82
  •         30 egg pack $4.5
  •         500gr Cheese $5
  •         1 kl of beef $8
  •         1kl of chicken no bones $7
  •         1 kl tomatoes $1
  •         1kl onion $0,75
  •         1kl potatoes $0,8
  •         1 lettuce $0,52
  •         1.5L bottle of water %0,68
  •         1 bus ride $0,25
  •         Taxi ride starts at $1,50 and $1,45 per km
  •         Gas $2 per gallon
  •         Water, propane, electric, garbage and sewer bill for a house of 4 in a 2000 sq ft home $150 per month
  •         Internet 60MBps $35
  •         Gym $30
  •         Personal trainer $60 to $100
  •         Movie ticket $6 normal sit to $12  3D plus motion
  •         Baby day care $275
  •         Full time maid, cook and washes clothes $443 (14 salaries at year)
  •         Nike runners $120
  •         Jeans $70
  •         Leather shoes $80
  •         Average monthly rent 1 bedroom fully furnished $500 good location
  •         Average monthly rent 3 bedroom unfurnished $700 good location
  •         Price per sq ft of construction $121 to $150 good location
  •         Average price of a detached house with ¼ to 1/3 of an acre in a good location $350.000 to $450.000
  •         Minimum wage $443
 Now you know how much it will cost to live here you might want to move in quickly. We are you way in

Things to do in Cuenca

Since Cuenca is in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes, it offers lots of possibilities to adventurers who look for experiences outdoors such as hiking, mountain biking, kite flying, paragliding, fishing, etc.

For the more calmed but still outdoor folks Cuenca offers a large number of parks, walkways and bike pads along the main rivers, there are public BBQ areas, outdoor free gyms, and kid’s playgrounds. At night you can do Zumba for free in those areas.

If you like the fine cuisine you will find a large selection of restaurants in the old colonial downtown. We are so proud of our chefs, the make our life greater  

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